Scope of Practice & Liability

Advanced Specialty Anesthesia was founded by and employs a team of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs). Per the Registered Nurse Anesthetist statute, established in 1996, CRNAs can function and practice independently as a member of a physician or dentist directed health care team.

The physician or dentist is not responsible for supervision of the CRNA, nor do they have vicarious liability for any negligence of the CRNA. Both the physician and CRNA, as Kansas health care providers, are qualified for coverage under the Kansas Health Care Stabilization Fund and thus cannot be held vicariously liable for the actions of either party. To read more go HERE.

Advanced Specialty Anesthesia strictly adheres to all of the rules and regulations established by the Kansas State Board of Healing Arts in regards to in-office sedation. To Learn more go HERE.

Give Your Patients a Safe, Comfortable Sedation Experience
Partner with Advanced Specialty Anesthesia

By teaming up with Advanced Specialty Anesthesia, your practice can:

Provide patients with the safest sedation experience possible. ASA delivers the gold standard of in-office sedation services, providing the same caliber of sedation you would find in a hospital setting. All our procedures follow the rigorous medical protocols established by our industry. We bring in our own state-of-the art medical equipment and medications. And we carefully attend to each patient, from our in-depth screening process, to monitoring all patient vital signs during the procedure and recovery, to following up with patients after they have been released.

Maximize your time in the office. Since ASA provides full sedation services right in your office, you won’t have to perform surgical procedures at an outside surgical suite, where you are subject to scheduling challenges, delays and costly time out of the office – time that could be spent seeing other patients.

Attract and retain new patients. Some patients don’t seek medical care or follow through with their treatment plans because of fear. But when your practice teams up with ASA to offer in-office sedation options, that barrier is removed and patients are more likely to schedule necessary procedures with your office. Our team works alongside your staff to put your patients at ease so they can rest comfortably while you perform the procedures they might not have scheduled otherwise.

Avoid added paperwork. Working with ASA is hassle-free for your office staff. Your administrative team incurs no added responsibility or expense when you partner with us because we work directly with patients and their insurance carriers. Our personable administrative staff will give your patients the same caring service they’ve come to expect from your practice as they work directly with patients on insurance claims, scheduling and billing.


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