Your Safety Comes First at Advanced Specialty Anesthesia

Advanced Specialty Anesthesia provides the gold standard for safe, effective sedation services. Our professional medical team delivers the same quality of anesthesiology services offered in hospitals, all in the convenience and comfort of your office. To ensure patients the highest level of safety, we:

  • Implement rigorous safety guidelines. Every step we take in setting up for and performing in-office sedation is in strict accordance with the exactly safety standards established by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, American Association of Nurse Anesthetists and the Joint Commission of Accreditation for Office-Based Surgeries.
  • Carefully screen patients prior to surgery. Our experienced medical team conducts an in-depth interview with patients several days prior to surgery, reviewing current health status and health history in order to identify potential problems long before the procedure. No patient is allowed to undergo sedation without meeting our standards.
  • Provide state-of-the-art equipment and medications. The ASA team uses the very latest in medical equipment and medications in order to fully safeguard your patients’ safety. Before the patient arrives, we prepare the surgical suite, setting up our top-line monitoring and life-saving equipment, including an AED (automated external defibrillator). Then, during surgery, we never leave the patient’s side, continuously monitoring everything from oxygen flow to blood pressure.
  • Constantly update our skills. Our medical team is constantly striving to improve our services and increase patient safety by attending continuing education programs and utilizing the latest in medical technology and techniques in our practice.
  • Prepare for any emergency. Because we are so meticulous in our safety standards, we don’t anticipate ever encountering a medical emergency as a result of our sedation services. Nonetheless, every time we work with a patient, we are prepared to coolly, calmly and quickly handle any challenge that might arise.
  • Provide malpractice insurance. Advanced Specialty Anesthesia is fully covered by our own medical malpractice insurance. In the unlikely event an unforeseen problem arises, we will stand with your medical team. We can provide verification of our liability coverage upon request.

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